Amy + Pete // Victoria’s at Ewingsdale Byron Bay Wedding

Looking back on the images from Amy & Pete’s Victoria’s at Ewingsdale Byron Bay Wedding , I’m struck by the emotion clearly evident on their faces throughout the day.  The early nerves and excitement leading up to the ceremony, Pete’s tears as Amy walked down the aisle.  Then the pure unabated happiness, relief and joy in finally being able to call each other “husband and wife”.  No surprise they were so happy, when you find out the “back story”.   Pete has done not one but 2 tours of Iraq while Amy waited patiently for his return.  Thankfully she had their gorgeous pug “Sunny” to keep her company!!

Amy & Pete’s number one wish was for their wedding day to be super SUPER chilled.  With a moderate number of guests, no bridal party and a very quick ceremony, the emphasis was on soaking up the stunning grounds of Victoria’s at Ewingsdale Byron Bay while enjoying scrummy food and the company of their closest family & friends.  Let me tell you, they absolutely nailed it.  We went off site for a couple of photos, again with the emphasis on candid, natural shots.  Both Amy & Pete were surprised to comment later how much they appreciated a little “time out” for the two of them to soak up their new titles of “Mr & Mrs”.  But there was plenty of time to party on with lots of moves on the d-floor!!

What a gorgeous day to be a part of.  Congratulations once again Amy & Pete on your stunning celebration of love!!

x Ann-Louise

This wedding was brought to you by:

Venue: Victoria’s at Ewingsdale

Co-Ordination: Byron Bay Weddings

Hair & Makeup:  Alana Mevissen

Gown:Karen Willis Holmes

Florist:  Alstonville Florist

Celebrant: Brendan Anning

Cake: Rebellyous Cake Co

Musician: Raku O’Gaia

DJ: Eva Judell

Prop Hire: Byron Bay Weddings, The Wedding Shed, Hampton Event Hire


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